20 Photos of Famous Authors in Awesome Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re the writerly (read: introverted, inside-cat) type, you may be experiencing some anxiety about dressing up in a costume and walking the streets. But take heart: some of your very favorite authors have been known to don a costume from time to time, too. So it must be cool, right? This slideshow is also appropriate for those itching to wear a literary costume this year but who have already worn out their Poe ravens and DFW bandannas: go meta and dress as one of your favorite authors in one of their costumes. After the jump, check out some amazing writers dressed to the nines, and add any missing here in the comments.


Mark Twain and his daughter Susy as Hero and Leander (irrespectively). Twain loved to improvise plays with his daughters — here, at a New York State artists’ retreat, he sports a hot-water bag and a bonnet in his interpretation of the lovestruck Leander. [Image via]