10 Famous Musicians You Didn’t Know Started Out in Other Famous Musicians’ Bands

Just like everyone else, we occasionally disappear down the Wikipedia rabbit hole here at Flavorwire central, and yesterday we discovered something we never knew before: Richard Fairbrass once played bass in David Bowie’s band. Richard who? You might not recognize his name, but you totally know who he is: the Right Said Fred guy! It turns out that long before “I’m Too Sexy,” Fairbrass was a bass player for hire, and played with various UK luminaries, Bowie included. This discovery led to further investigation, and… well, here’s an unashamedly geeky list of ten musicians who go their starts in the band of other other famous musicians.

Richard Fairbrass

See? There he is in the video for “Blue Jean” — pause at about 0:57 and see for yourself!