10 Cultural Icons’ Letters to Themselves

What would you hope for yourself 10 or 20 years from now? What fears would you want to overcome? These are the questions ten pop culture icons pondered before writing a letter to themselves in the past, present, and future. Connecting the timeline of their lives, these famous personalities time traveled in order to relate important messages to their younger and soon-to-be selves that would make an impact — life lessons, life mistakes, and life milestones. See what advice, reassurance, and words of wisdom ten stars had to give to their other selves, below.


Donald Glover

Earlier this week, former Community star Donald Glover had a bit of an existential crisis at a Residence Inn — a place we imagine that happens a lot. The actor-rapper wrote a letter to himself on hotel stationery and Instagrammed the notes, in which he shared his hopes and fears for the future, the truth about leaving Community, and his struggle with his record label, Glassnote, about releasing his next Childish Gambino album. Glover also refers to “Bro Rape” in the letter, which was a video he released with group Derrick Comedy that helped spark his career.