Hilarious Photos of Internet-Inspired Costumes at Last Night’s HallowMEME

The Internet went offline at the fifth annual HallowMEME party at Brooklyn’s Bell House last night, thrown by Forced Meme Productions, Kelly Reeves, Andrea Rosen, and Lindsey Weber (who, it should be noted, dressed up as emojis with their stances ready for recognition). While in 2012 there were many women in binders and unimpressed McKaylas, this year, shibes and foxes were aplenty. Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete) helped judge the costume contest: third place went to the duo dressed as LED Light Suit Babies, a two-day old meme; second to “Hip to be Square” Patrick Bateman; and the winner: Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat his Cereal. Obviously.

Cole, Jedward Snowden
Cole, Jedward Snowden. Photo credit: Nadia Chaudhury/Flavorwire