15 Fantastic Horror Films Directed by Women

Most horror movies are generally told from a male perspective, despite the fact that studies have shown the audiences for these films are 50% female. There have been some powerful genre movies made by women, featuring feminist leanings and a strong female viewpoint. We wanted to highlight these works — those films that bypass the stereotypical (naked) damsel in distress trope and call attention to the male gaze, sometimes turning it back onto itself. If the only names that come to mind when discussing horror are Hitchcock and Romero, let this list also serve as an introduction to fantastic female filmmakers who enjoy scaring the hell out of their audiences.


Trouble Every Day

Claire Denis’ blood-soaked meditation on desire, obsession, and longing centers on a pair of cannibals (Vincent Gallo and Béatrice Dalle) who indulge their animal appetites with abandon and force us to face some of our most primal fears: being eaten alive, being alone, and losing time.