Who to Dress as for Halloween If You Want to Start a Fight

Look, anyone can wheel out the same old mildly risqué “controversial” Halloween costumes to make a splash at this year’s parties — but seriously, if you really want to make an impression (while avoiding being an utter, utter fuckwit), you need something contemporary. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for topical pop culture costumes that will genuinely terrify your friends. Watch everyone cower in terror — or, if they’re drunk, maybe pick a fight with you — as you emerge from the bathroom as any of this lot. You’re welcome!


Amanda “Fucking” Palmer

Open your mouth to hold forth with your opinions about anything and everything — or strum oh-so-quirky Radiohead covers on your ukulele — and watch your friends flee in terror!

Corset: $21.99, Amazon
Bustle: $6m in VC funding From $100, various stores
Maybelline liquid eyeliner (for eyebrow duties): $7.29, Drugstore.com
Ukulele: From $29, Guitar Center
Chronic, infinitely tiresome narcissism: Model’s own