20 Cemeteries You Need to Visit Before You Die

Sure, Halloween is tomorrow, but autumn is just generally the best time of year to walk through a beautiful cemetery and appreciate not only the serenity, but also the landscape, intricate tombstones, and sometimes even the final resting places of famous historical figures. Some people find them creepy, while others purposely seek out graveyards when they go out of town. For those of the latter persuasion, here are 20 cemeteries you absolutely must visit — before you, well, end up in one yourself.


St. Louis No. 1, New Orleans, Louisiana

Everyone who visits the Crescent City quickly realizes that it is a place with an energy and culture all its own, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that this, the oldest of its three Roman Catholic cemeteries, is an above-ground burial site that has been one of the city’s most notable landmarks since 1789.