Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in November

Though we’re in the midst of fall and the serious award contenders should presumably fill the theaters, the slate of big studio releases looks more like summer than Oscar season: this month’s big contenders include another Thor, another Hunger Games, a new Disney flick, and a Vince Vaughn sperm donor comedy. So, as usual, the independent filmmakers and distributors are picking up the slack; here’s our overview of the month’s best and most promising indie flicks.

The Visitor

Release: November 1
Director: Giulio Paradisi
Cast: John Huston, Shelley Winters, Glenn Ford, Sam Peckinpah, Lance Henricksen

The distribution arm of the burgeoning Drafthouse empire is apparently looking to make a specialty of discovering, restoring, and re-releasing long-forgotten cheese from bygone eras; last year, they gave us the hilariously inept and oddly wonderful Miami Connection, and now they’re unleashing this 1979 oddity, a dead-solemn yet inescapably goofy sci-fi epic shot in cruddy, TV-movie style. Unapologetically swiping elements of The Omen, The Birds, Carrie, The Exorcist, Close Encounters, and maybe even Ice Castles, featuring acting turns by John Huston and Sam Peckinpah (suggeting a hope the film would end up well directed merely by osmosis), and including Shelly Winters at her scenery-chewing, kid-slapping, “Shortnin’ Bread”-singing finest, it’s the kind of movie that can only be explained by Hollywood’s rampant cocaine use at the time it was made. Forget SharknadoThe Visitor is utterly serious, and awesomely entertaining in its total badness.