7 Troubled TV Shows We’re Still Not-So-Secretly Rooting For

Well, we’re hitting that moment in the network television season when the axe really starts to fall on the shows, new and old, that are teetering on the edge of ratings extinction. This season’s slate of new programming isn’t totally thrilling us — though in our office there’s a rising tide in favor of Dracula — but there are a couple of stalwarts in trouble, not to mention a few shows we’d like to see overhauled, if not sent entirely to permanent-hiatus jail. Here they are.


1. Parks and Recreation

This one’s a bit of a fake-out, actually. After a flurry of excitement a few weeks ago, the consensus currently holds that Parks and Recreation will be OK, in spite of the fact that NBC unexpectedly pulled it from its Thursday lineup for a month. Adam Scott reassured everyone on Twitter that it was fine. The show returns next week, and episodes just got pushed to air later because of The Voice juggernaut. Everyone breathe.