Mustachioed Celebs Unrecognizable Without Facial Hair

The month formerly known as November is dedicated to a great cause — a fundraiser for prostate (and other male) cancer and men’s health issues. Guys (and a few women) grow mustaches to raise awareness for Movember, and the rest of us marvel at their gloriousness. Of course, some people maintain a ‘stache year-round — including celebrities who are known for their facial hair. We wondered if we’d even recognize those famous faces without their signature ‘stache, and it turned out to be harder than we thought. See if you can identify these mustachioed celebs without a ‘stache, below.


This week’s text exchange with my pal:

Her: Did you know that in the ’70s, pre-mustache, Sam Elliott was, like, really hot?

Me: I’m googling.

Her: Do it! I’m watching this old movie and can barely get over it.

Young Daniel Day-Lewis much? Clearly we hadn’t watched the 1979 movie Frogs — an eco-horror tale about evil amphibians.