10 Episodes of the Original ‘Tales From the Darkside’ You Can Watch Online

I’m going to withhold writing any premature thoughts I may have on the forthcoming reboot of the classic 1980s television show Tales From the Darkside, aside from my worry that while Sleepy Hollow producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are riding a wave of success, the allure of the show they’re planning to revive wasn’t its cutting-edge special effects or good-looking actors and actresses. Rather, the show had the same grainy, dirty quality as most horror films of time, which added a kind of creepiness today’s big-budget TV shows can’t match.

There’s that, and also the fact that the new show probably won’t have any episodes based on John Cheever stories, like the original’s “The Enormous Radio.” Sadly, it’s not among the many Tales From the Darkside episodes you can watch online — but here are ten other great installments posted on YouTube.

10. “The Word Processor of the Gods”

Stephen King had teamed up with George A. Romero a few years earlier for the film anthology Creepshow, and the two reunited for this episode about a writer who inherits a word processor with a very special power.