David Bowie’s 10 Best Music Videos

We’ve been constantly spoiled by all things David Bowie-related this year — a new album, a bunch of new singles, a deluxe version of the album… and now, in the last month, not one but two new videos for James Murphy’s remix of “Love Is Lost.” The second of these premiered yesterday, and it’s a spectacular piece of CGI work from director Barnaby Roper, apparently constructing the startlingly realistic animations of two people from scratch and then getting them to, well, get it on. It’s the latest fascinating video for which Bowie has been responsible — he was one of the first to pioneer the video as an art form, way back in the late 1960s, and he’s appeared in many weird and wonderful clips throughout his career. Here are ten of our favorites.

“Ashes to Ashes”

I roused the anger of our comments section a while back for suggesting that this video hasn’t aged particularly well. (OK, the headline was probably overly provocative.) But for all that the JCB and visual effects do look somewhat dated, no one’s arguing that this is anything less than a fantastic piece of filmmaking. And at the time, it looked like it had come from another world.