Dating and Relationship Advice From Pop Culture’s Greatest Geeks

The word “geek” gets tossed around casually these days, it’s meaning still evolving in our Internet-obsessed age, but when it comes to pop culture’s depiction of geeks in love, things are largely the same. The stereotype of the socially awkward loner would have us believe that male and female geeks are incapable of dating, maintaining healthy relationships, and making the sex. But fictional geeks have proven that they are fully capable of meeting that special someone. They even have some pretty great advice to share with us. Geekadelphia co-founder Eric Smith covers the same tips for real-life geeks in his soon-to-be published The Geek’s Guide to Dating from Quirk. In the spirit of geek love, we share advice from ten of pop culture’s greatest geeks to guide you on your romantic quest.


Mural geek, OCD admin, and paper dove maker Pam from The Office spent what felt like eons crushing on Dunder Mifflin sales rep Jim Halpert before their relationship developed. Eventually they got married and had two children, but it took ages for the duo to go on their first date. During the series finale, Pam admitted she wished she hadn’t waited so long to make a move.

Advice: “[B]e strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears, just go after what you want. And act fast, because life just isn’t that long.”