Etiquette Tips from 10 Pop Culture Icons

You’re not a proper celebrity these days unless you’re a brand and you’ve cornered the lifestyle market. Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Blake Lively are just a few of the famous figures who have built their empire by offering fans wellness tips, recipes, fashion exclusives, and more. Liv Tyler is joining the ranks of celebrity lifestyle gurus with a new book she wrote with her grandmother, Modern Manners: Tools to Take You To The Top. Etiquette is always in style, so we’ve brought you tips from pop culture’s finest that will improve your politeness and make you a better person.


David Cross

The advice in New York Magazine’s Urban Etiquette Handbook seems obvious to the sane and rational person, but not everyone knows how to behave around a celebrity. The publication spoke to David Cross to get his take on how to behave when it comes to brushes with fame. His number one rule?

“If you don’t know who he is, ask your friend. Or a stranger. Don’t ask him. And certainly don’t ask him to keep listing his résumé until you realize he’s the guy from Blade of Innocence 2 who lost his shoe and got killed by the vampire with outer-space AIDS.”

The Arrested Development star believes buying a celeb a beer is the best approach:

“There’s something very communal and unpretentious about it. Although even if you send a free beer, please don’t walk up to me and start making fun of my friends. I don’t know what you’re thinking — they’re my friends! Don’t raise your beer and, while toasting, say, ‘Personally I think [fill in the blank] is a dumb bitch!’ This actually happens, frequently, and I’ve never understood it.”