An Annotated Guide to All 50 Minutes of New ‘Blue Velvet’ Footage

Two years ago, a Blu-ray restoration in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary uncovered almost an hour of previously unreleased footage from David Lynch’s 1986 suburban noir masterpiece Blue Velvet. Earlier this week, the Film Stage put the whole thing online, complete with a few sweet notes from Lynch himself. Clocking in at 22 scenes in just shy of 52 minutes, it’s a lot of surrealist erotica to get through in one sitting. That’s why we’ve assembled a handy guide to the new material, complete with time stamps. Here’s what you’ll find in the video below — and what it tells us about the film as a whole.

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0:07-3:10 At the first stop on Frank, Jeffrey, and Dorothy’s “joy ride,” a guitarist and an old black singer perform a blues song about a dog chasing a rabbit. A topless woman casually smokes a cigarette in the background, with a few more girls sans shirts dancing around a pool table. Frank and company burst in; one henchman stops at the bar to order a full case of Pabst Blue Ribbon (of course). Frank pins a guy to the pool table, snarling that he’s lost his lucky piece of blue velvet. He makes a topless girl lie on her back next to him before dragging Jeffrey and Dorothy into the back room.

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3:10-3:40 A young, attractive, blonde woman yells to “Frank” that Billy’s “waiting for his teddy.” She walks outside in curlers, only to see her young son discover Mr. Beaumont’s passed-out body. No doubt David Lynch got a laugh out of giving a cute blonde toddler the same name as Dennis Hopper’s sexually deviant drug addict.

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3:40-6:55 A college boy looks for Jeffrey at a party; his mother’s on the phone and it’s an emergency. Jeffrey’s in a back room, leering on as a college boy assaults a young woman. He waits about 20 seconds too long before telling the boy to leave her alone, and that’s only because he hears someone calling for him. So we find out he’s a pervert — not a detective — long before the infamous “mommy” scene. His mom asks him to come home for good, since there isn’t enough money for both college and Mr. Beaumont’s medical treatments. The back story adds an interesting note of bitterness to Jeffrey’s character (and may explain why he gets so into sleuthing; without school, the kid needed an outlet).

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6:55-8:10 Jeffrey bids goodbye to his frat brothers and his girlfriend, Louise. She doesn’t seem like a winner — she won’t even go to the airport with him — but they’re supposedly in love, which means he’s cheating on Louise with Sandy even as he’s cheating on Sandy with Dorothy. These scenes continue to make Jeff out to be even more of a creep than he is in the finished film.

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8:10-11:50 On the drive home from the airport, Mrs. Beaumont tells Jeffrey his father likely has a tumor while Aunt Barbara continues to be her crazy self. Back at home, Jeffrey surveys his room and peeks through the blinds, foreshadowing a certain closet in Dorothy’s apartment. The camera then pans through the suburban nighttime for a full minute.