10 Creepy Pop Culture Dolls

“My name is Talky Tina and I’m going to kill you!” still makes Twilight Zone fans shudder when they watch the anthology series’ “Living Doll” episode. Talky Tina appears to be an innocent toy, until you pull her string…. You can purchase your own Talky Tina, thanks to a new replica that utters the same five phrases from the chilling episode (sampled from the original audio, even). The trope of the evil doll has been featured throughout pop culture, exploiting our fears of the mute, blank, seemingly knowing toys. Here are ten of the creepiest.


Chinga in The X-Files

X-Files creator Chris Carter and Stephen King co-wrote an episode for the sci-fi television series in 1998. Chinga is an antique doll that compels people to commit violent acts… against themselves. The film opens with Chinga accompanying a young girl and her mother to the grocery store, where the customers attempt to gouge their own eyes out. You know, the usual King merriment. The Mulder and Scully banter as they try to solve the case (even though Scully is on vacation, dammit) lends some actual humor to the episode, but Chinga is no laughing matter.