10 Perfect Books to Cozy Up to As You Cook, Eat, and Drink This Thanksgiving

If you’re stuck indoors for the rest of this week due to family Thanksgiving obligations or fear of the storm that’s supposedly approaching — or because you’re simply trying to avoid the world — a good idea might be to just spend your time off reading books. City folk like us couldn’t be more jealous of those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace and an idyllic landscape to look out at, but even if we have a subway rumbling right outside our doorstep, squeezing the maximum amount of coziness out of our Thanksgiving-break reading experiences shouldn’t be too difficult. These books will help you keep you warm as the temperature dips.


Essays, Henry David Thoreau

All Thoreau wanted to do was not pay taxes and walk around the woods to get more in touch with nature; what could be more cozy than that? This collection, recently published by Yale Press,is sort of required reading if you want to know about peaceful protest or how to appreciate your own late-November jaunts through the woods — and you’re sure to enjoy it even more if you preface your reading with a trip to the market to buy a jug of apple cider (to which you may well want to mix in a good amount of bourbon. We’d suggest something like Maker’s Mark or Buffalo Trace).