The 10 Best Books You’re Sure to Find in Any Airport Bookstore

It happens to all of us: the flight delay, or the unexpected layover, and you suddenly find yourself without adequate reading material. Magazines are one time-tested option, yes, but the problem with magazines is that they’re good for an hour or two tops (also, increasingly, if we’re talking about fashion magazines, kind of boringly written). Sometimes you need the long-form enchantment of a good old-fashioned book. We’ve combed the bestseller lists — which usually dictate what’s on the shelves at the airport — to give you our suggestions for what might fit that lose-yourself-in-some-world-that’s-not-the-Columbus-airport needs this holiday.


The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Everybody loved this book, it got raves all over town. The tale of a young boy who commits a crime in the midst of an unspeakable tragedy, it’ll grab hold of you on page one. At 784 pages, it’s a doorstopper, guaranteed to get you through not just your flight but also the long evenings alone with your parents and their unspeakable affection for binge-watching Rizzoli & Isles. And you can brag later to friends that you’ve read the popular literary hit of the year.