Flavorwire’s Official David Bowie Holiday Gift Guide

“An entire holiday gift guide devoted to David Bowie? Isn’t that just a bit much?” you might ask. To which we might respond, “You realize this is Flavorwire you’re reading, right?” Publication-wide fandom aside, this year of wall-to-wall Bowie — when he released his first album of new material in a decade and was celebrated with an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert — may have been the best time for admiring the great man since the 1970s. And so we implore you to indulge us as we round up the most wonderful Bowie-related merchandise to delight your beloved Flavorwire staff the hardcore fan in your life this holiday season.


Limited Edition Tilda Stardust Leggings
$30 at Etsy

The item that inspired this gift guide is, itself, inspired by the Tilda Stardust Tumblr, whose mission it is to convince the world that David Bowie and Tilda Swinton are the same person. As a proud owner of these leggings, I can assure you that every fan of either icon needs a pair. And if you want them, act fast — only 1000 will be made, and some sizes have already run out.