10 Awesome Holiday Gifts For the Music Geek in Your Life

Music nerds can be hard to buy for, mainly because they almost certainly already own pretty much any record you can think of getting them (and many you wouldn’t have ever heard of, obviously). But never fear, because there are still plenty of music-related consumer items on which you can spend your Christmas budget to impress the geekiest of music geeks. Here’s a selection of ideas, from fancy box sets and music books to retro listening devices and an Iggy Pop action figure. (No, really.)


This Scott Walker box set
$52 (or $199 for the super-deluxe vinyl set), Amazon

Look, any music geek worthy of calling themselves such a thing loves Scott Walker, because he is weird and crazy and many kinds of amazing. This box set collects his output from 1967-1970, when he was still a reasonably straightforward crooner (instead of the strange and wonderful experimentalist he’s become in his later years), and it’s worthy of a place on the shelf of anyone who loves music.