Gift Guide: What to Buy the Witch in Your Life This Holiday Season

Sure, you might associate witchcraft mostly with Hallowe’en, but magick can happen all year round. And considering the pagan influences still palpable in our contemporary holiday season, why keep yourself from lavishing gifts on the best (or baddest) witch in your life? You could even give a few of these gifts to those who haven’t yet dabbled in witchcraft, and remind those afraid of magick that it doesn’t all have to be eyes of newts and hexes. Here’s a guide to what you can get for your witchy loved ones (or yourselves!) this holiday season, with special thanks to the Internet’s resident clean person / sister of the moon, Jolie Kerr, for the helpful suggestions.


Witch Besom in Black by Broomchick
$42.00, Etsy

The straw broom is a common witchy symbol, and the Oregon-based Broomchick offers a huge selection of brooms, all handmade from organic materials sourced locally. “The raw materials, tools and techniques used date back hundreds of years,” writes proprietor Stephanie Pritchard. “We do every aspect of the work, from harvesting the raw materials out of nature to the finished piece. A balance between function, décor and the sacred is our purpose.”