Flavorwire’s 25 Favorite Albums of 2013

We’ve come to that happy time of the year when culture writers everywhere amuse themselves by making lists of their favorite things of the year. The listomania phenomenon is just as powerful at Flavorwire as it is elsewhere, and shit, anyway, there’s been so much good new music this year, it’s nice to have a chance to revisit it all. So, without further ado, our 25 favorite albums of the year, counting down from 25 to 1. Hurrah! '7_Days_of_Funk',_Frontal_artwork,_Oct_22,_2013

25. Dâm-Funk and Snoopzilla — Seven Days of Funk

Just in time! It’s amusing that this was released in the middle of winter, because it’s the most summery record you could ever imagine, just made for cruising the freeway on a hot night with the top down and the wind in your hair. But then, it’s always summer in LA.