The Greatest Movie Trailers of 2013

Vanity Fair recently published an essay asking if 2013 is the greatest year for movies since the Gone with the Wind era. That benchmark is certainly debatable, but if we had to judge this year’s cinema based on the trailers alone, we’d say there’s a strong possibility 2013 could trump all. This year’s trailers got us talking and left us wanting more (everything a good trailer should do) — and we’ve surveyed the best of 2013, below. What trailers left a lasting impression on you this year?

Spring Breakers

There were a few variations of the titillating Spring Breakers trailer that made it online, but the original is like a best-of James Franco’s character, Alien. The clip ends with his gangsta rapper uttering, “Spring breaaaaaak. Spring breaaaaaak forever… ” — but not before we’re treated to women in bikinis waving guns. Even without the MTV-esque booty cam, the trailer made it clear that Harmony Korine’s new movie would be just as challenging as his previous work.