A Selection of Anthems to Getting Irresponsibly Wasted

And so, it’s New Year’s Eve, aka one of the days wherein society deems it entirely acceptable (and in fact, kinda obligatory) to get utterly blotto. When you think of it, waking up with a stonking hangover doesn’t seem like the most auspicious way to greet a new year, but if you’re gonna do it, you might as well have a decent soundtrack for the whole messy process. A few weeks back, we looked at the best songs about alcohol, for better or worse, and we’re revisiting the idea with a selection of anthems to getting irresponsibly wasted on, well, various substances. Have fun, and try to be somewhat responsible, eh?

The Notorious B.I.G. — “Party and Bullshit”

Biggie’s first single and in your correspondent’s opinion, still a contender for the title of his best song. It’s definitely one of his best party anthems, anyway, cataloging the joys of crashing a party, getting drunk, picking up one of the, um, ladies, and hitting the road. Some nights, everything just works out perfectly (even if a fight does break out.)

Relevant lyric: “Honeys want to chat/ But all we wanna know is: where the party at?”