10 Movies to Stream Before They Disappear from Netflix Instant

It’s not quite Streamageddon, but as you may’ve heard, Netflix apparently had some contracts that end with 2013, and thus we have one of the streaming service’s occasional purges of valuable catalog titles. And it would’ve happened fairly quietly too, were it not for good ol’ Reddit, where someone painstakingly checked out the individual pages for God-knows-how-many titles and came up with a list of nearly 100 movies and TV shows scheduled to disappear from Netflix Instant on 1/1/2014. There’s some genuinely great stuff in here, proving yet again that this whole “phasing out of physical media for ephemeral streaming that comes and goes as it pleases” thing should give us all pause, but there’s no time for that—there’s barely twelve hours of 2013 left, and you’re about to lose some great movies. So if you’re planning on making New Year’s Eve a movie night, here’s a few soon-to-expire suggestions:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This may be the one that has the most devastating effect on Netflix’s users—after all, what other movie will we all turn to in our moments of heartbreak, loneliness, and post break-up devastation? She-Devil? Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s masterful, inventive examination of memory, loss, and the very nature of love is a film of wicked intelligence and indelible warmth; it’s a tightrope act, and one that gets no less impressive with subsequent viewings.