A Selection of Great Anthems to Sobriety

Just before New Year’s Eve, we ran a rather lighthearted list of great anthems to getting wasted. It should probably go without saying that we’re not in any way given to endorsing the perniciously self-destructive nature of rock ‘n’ roll mythology. Still, in the interests of balance (and also, to be honest, because your correspondent is still nursing a pretty epic hangover), here’s a selection of songs that discuss the opposite side of the equation — generally with quite a bit more subtlety and insight than your average newspaper columnist: anthems to sobriety, and cautionary tales about what happens when your fondness for getting on the booze and/or drugs tips over into something destructive. Stay safe out there.

The Modern Lovers — “I’m Straight”

“I’m proud to say I’m straight!” It’s something of an indictment on rock ‘n’ roll culture that making a declaration like this feels like a radical step, to be honest, but here we are.