10 Obscure Fairy-Tale Films

Today is the birthday of one half of the illustrious sibling storybook scribes, the brothers Grimm. Nineteenth-century author Jacob Grimm, along with his brother Wilhelm, produced some of the most widely read stories and influential tales in the history of literature. Their fantasy and folklore narratives have inspired a myriad of film adaptations — some of the best frequently forgotten. Discover ten obscure fairy-tale films, many you can watch right now, below.

Fehérlófia (The Son of the White Mare)

A Christ-like child is born from a horse in the hollow of a tree and granted superhuman strength after suckling the mare’s milk. She tells him a frightening story about dragons and evil ones ruling from the depths of a powerful underworld. The eponymous figure in Marcell Jankovics’ 1981 animated Hungarian film sets out to defeat them and restore power to the Forefather of his realm. Jankovics received an Oscar nomination for his 1974 animated short, Sisyphus. His work on The Son of the White Mare is equally impressive and unites experimental and psychedelic visuals (Alejandro Jodorowsky: be jealous), Eastern European folk tales, and an ominous soundtrack.