Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 50th Birthday With Some Incredibly Disturbing Nicolas Cage Fan Art

Today is Nicolas Cage’s 50th birthday! Are you surprised he made it this long? Me too. And how will you be celebrating? Will you watch all of the National Treasure movies and look up facts about American history on Wikipedia? Will you recreate the roach-eating scene in Vampire’s Kiss? Will you Cage Your Queue? All of those sound like great ideas. As for me, I’m done, because I went through the terrifying rabbit hole that is the Nicolas Cage Fan Art community on the Internet, and I’ve returned with the ten most unsettling images to share, just in case the Polar Vortex hasn’t already ruined your day. 

neighcolas cage

When Bronies and Nic Cage fan come together, so does great art.[via SketchingPonies]