Vintage-Style Travel Posters for ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and ‘Star Wars’ Locations

The holidays are over, spring is more than two months away, and it’s so cold today in some parts of our great nation that intellectually curious teenagers have been tempted to find out what happens when they urinate outdoors. All of which is to say, the prospect of a vacation is more fantasy than reality for most of us at the moment. So, as long as we’re yearning for exotic locales, we might as well be dreaming of ones that only exist in our favorite sci-fi and fantasy franchises. Ali Xenos’ beautifully designed, vintage-style travel posters for locations from Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars (spotted via The Mary Sue) should aid you in doing just that. Click through for a virtual trip to Westeros, Middle Earth, or outer space, and consider extending your imaginary vacation by purchasing one.

Image credit: Ali Xenos