10 Historic Live Musical Performances You Can Watch on YouTube

Last week, some footage of what would prove to be Nirvana’s final show in Los Angeles, at the Great Western Forum in December 1993, surfaced on the web. One of the great joys of the internet is that it’s way, way easier than it used to be to get hold of (and watch!) bootlegs, live performances and other records of shows that might otherwise have never seen the light of day. YouTube, in particular, is a rich resource for this stuff — so here’s a selection of Flavorwire’s favorite performances, encompassing both some famous shows and some lesser-known events.

Janis Joplin — “Ball and Chain,” Monterey Pop, 1967

Joplin’s Woodstock performance tends to get all the plaudits, but honestly, this footage from her famous performance at the Monterey Pop Festival a couple of years earlier absolutely blows away that show (and pretty much any other show you can think of, really).