7 ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired Restaurants Where You Can Live Out Your Lynchian Dreams

In the weeks since a mysterious casting call appeared online, rumors have been circulating that David Lynch is revisiting his cult show Twin Peaks. Co-creator Mark Frost has pretty much debunked the rumors, to the collective sighs of everyone who got their hopes up. You may not be getting more Agent Cooper or Audrey Horne, but you can celebrate Lynch’s perennially-popular television show — and his 68th birthday, which is next week — at one of these Twin Peaks-inspired restaurants from around the world (not to be confused with the Hooters-lite restaurant chain of the same name).

log lady cafe copenhagen

log lady cafe interior

The Log Lady Cafe, Copenhagen, Denmark

Named for Margaret Lanterman’s infinitely catchier nickname, The Log Lady Cafe is a tattoo parlor-turned-Twin Peaks tribute. Fare includes coffee and cherry pie (obviously), but the decor only subtly references the series. As a nod to its namesake, the space is dotted with tree stumps — unfortunately, there’s no promises they’re clairvoyant. [Photos via Visit Copenhagen and Blogspot]