Get to Know the 2014 Oscar-Nominated Short Films

When it comes to awards season, the short film categories often get overlooked in favor of their flashier, star-studded brethren. However, many filmmakers and actors started their careers in short films, and some of the most compelling movies are mere minutes long. The Oscars just announced the nominees for its 86th awards show. We took this opportunity to highlight the 15 short films that made the cut. Become familiar with these wonderful works in the documentary, animated, and live action shorts categories, below.

Documentary Short Subject

Cavedigger, Jeffrey Karoff

Festival favorite Cavedigger from Jeffrey Karoff takes us inside one of artist Ra Paulette’s labyrinthine sandstone masterpieces, carved into the cliffs of New Mexico. Paulette has a reputation for being stubborn about his creative vision when it comes to commissions, but his determination to create the ultimate “eight wonder of the world” propelled him to embark on his own 10-year project. Keep tabs on this study of personal obsession on the film’s official website.