8 Money-Soaked Tales of Wall Street Excess

Just a few years removed from the worst economic crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression, we’re suddenly in the midst of a newfound cultural fascination with the fat cats on Wall Street, and their excesses of bacchanalian proportions. We’re still arguing about The Wolf of Wall Street a month after its release, and the recent news that the Goldman Sachs elevator-gossip Twitter account, @GSElevator, has sold a book to Simon & Schuster is further proof that while we might despise the traders making untold millions, we’re still really interested in hearing their tales of excess. The forthcoming book and Scorsese’s film are the latest chapters in a long history of famous (and notorious) accounts of Wall Street. Here are some of the best examples.


American Psycho

Whether you like Mary Harron’s film or the Bret Easton Ellis book it was based on better is a matter of taste. Either way, Patrick Bateman, who deals in murders and executions as well as mergers and acquisitions, is your poster child for amoral, big-spending Wall Street jerks. Perhaps we should just feel lucky that your everyday hedge fund manager doesn’t have the same murderous impulses as Bateman.