Ranking the 2014 Grammy Performances from Best to Worst

And so, the Grammys again. Since half the awards are given out before the ceremony even takes place, the abiding sources of interest these days are a) the outfits and b) the performances. As far as 2014 goes, the relevant points of interest on the former point were Pharrell’s hat (which, inevitably, already has its own Twitter account) and Kacey Musgraves’ curious dress. And the performances… well, as ever, they ranged from the almost sublime to the utterly ridiculous. Here’s our rundown of each any every one, starting with the best and working through to the ones that sent you to the fridge for several more beers.

Kendrick Lamar

Yes, there’s something thoroughly unpalatable about the fact that it appears someone at the Grammys insisted that the only way Kendrick Lamar would be allowed to play would be with fucking Imagine Dragons. Happily, though, the band largely had the good sense to stay out of Lamar’s way, and his verses pretty much shat all over anything anyone else did tonight. Look what happens when you let actual talented, relevant interesting artists play! Maybe next year they’ll let him perform on his own, without the six random white guys! But probably not!