The 50 Best Songs About Love

If you don’t buy into the Hallmark-approved mythos of Valentine’s Day, or if you’re just feeling lonesome or blue, then February 14 can be a pretty miserable day. But perhaps the fact that it gets everyone thinking about love isn’t an entirely bad thing — because, as Jarvis Cocker once said, love isn’t just chocolate boxes and roses. It’s dirtier than that. And it’s a subject that’s fascinated songwriters for as long as there’s been music… so here are 50 great songs on the topic. These aren’t just love songs — they’re songs about love, with its manifold glories and complications and confusions and heartbreaks.

Animal Collective — “My Girls”

The most famous Animal Collective song is also perhaps their simplest — certainly as far as the lyrics go, anyway. It’s a straightforward statement of intent: Panda Bear doesn’t want money or a fancy car or whatever else, he just wants “four walls and adobe slats” for his wife and kids. A roof would be probably be a good idea too, mind you.