The 10 Albums You Need to Hear in February

After a fallow couple of months, the music industry is, like the Death Star, fully operational again — and that means there’s a heap of new music to hear. As ever, we’ve combed the release schedules for the ten albums that we reckon will be worth hearing over the next four weeks, along with a roundup of everything else of note, be it good, bad or somewhere in between. This month’s marquee release is probably the new St. Vincent record, but there’s also everything from Sunn 0))) and Ulver’s suitably terrifying doom/black metal hybrid to the off-kilter pop of Cibo Matto. Read on, and let us know what’s on your shopping list.

Marissa Nadler — July (February 4)

Apparently Marissa Nadler nearly gave up music entirely in the period before making this album. Thank goodness she didn’t, because she’s one of the most distinctive and beautiful voices in music today, and this might be the best thing she’s done yet. The record’s out via Brooklyn institution Sacred Bones, and as befitting her new home, the songs here are darker than anything Nadler’s recorded before, based around sparse guitar figures and a distinctly ominous tone. The album’s streaming at NPR right now, and it’s worth checking out.