Overanalyzing Courtney Love’s Pinterest Account

Courtney Love has quietly been on Pinterest for a year, but her presence on the site has gained some publicity since she opened a new, official YouTube account last week with a video addressing her “Twibel” lawsuit. Accompanying the clip were many, many comments from Love directing us to her Pinterest and unmasking some of the heretofore unclear pieces of Love shorthand and various other linguistic misdirections that seem to plague her communications.

We sat down with it and dissected some of the more surprising, bizarre, and uncharacteristic reveals that C. Love’s Pinterest pins offers. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then that board with (give or take) 253 hairstyle pins is really saying something.

The Brides Board

vintage wedding dress

Yeah, there’s a brides board, and yes that’s the last thing in the world you expected to find on a Courtney Love Pinterest account. There’s another selection of bridal gowns on her me me me board. And on the latter, in the midst of many turn-of-the-century/silent film brides, is Natalie Portman from Star Wars. Let’s hope to God this means she’s designing bridal gowns and not that she’s been watching the crap Star Wars prequels — although a DVD commentary on that from Courtney Love would amazing.