10 Must-Read Books for February

It’s only the second month of 2014, and we already have a bunch of books to jot down for end-of-year list consideration. We’ve still likely got a month or more of winter cold to look forward to, and thankfully, the pile of great reads (including a stellar selection of short-story collections) due out in February provides plenty of reasons to stay inside until things start to thaw out.


Because, by Joseph Riippi(February 1)

With Because, Joseph Riippi has given us the sort of book that slaps us in the face, then hugs us, and then does it all over again. His short sentences read more like laundry lists of things (some attainable, others impossible to get) that we really would all want in our lives. From love and fulfillment to family and dogs, Riippi condenses the human experience into a book that might just change you for the better.