25 Female Comedians Everyone Should Know

This month marked the latest dust-up in the long-running struggle for greater diversity in comedy, when Jerry “Too Rich and Famous to Give a Crap About How Awful He Sounds” Seinfeld dismissed concerns about the abundance of white men on his web series at “PC nonsense.” What Seinfeld didn’t seem to realize was that statements like, “If you’re funny, I’m interested. If you’re not funny, I’m not interested” imply that women and people of color are, um… fundamentally less hilarious than Caucasian dudes. Here’s a sampling of 25 ladies who blow that misconception out of the water; our roundup of POC comedians will be coming soon. (NB: We’re assuming you already know heavyweights like Sarah Silverman and Tina Fey, so we omitted them from the list in favor of more up-and-coming funny women.)


Jenny Slate

Her tenure at SNL may have come to a premature end thanks to an on-air F-bomb, but Slate’s done quite well for herself since leaving the late night juggernaut. Most visibly, she’s had a star turn as Jean-Ralphio’s equally obnoxious twin sister on Parks and Recreation, but she’s put in appearances everywhere from much-missed cult hit Bored to Death to Bob’s Burgers and House of Lies. And of course, she’s the voice of Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, the most adorable series of shorts to ever grace the Internet.