Exquisite Photos of Grandiose Movie Palaces

Streaming services like Netflix and HBO GO make it tempting to skip the movie theater (and the annoying talkers that come with it) and stay at home to watch am good film. There are cinemas that still make the moviegoing experience worthwhile. The Alamo Drafthouse’s staunch no talking or texting policy and deelish menu are appealing, but if you’re looking for a place with history, you really can’t beat these stunning California cinemas. Franck Bohbot, one of our frequently featured photographers, captured the old Hollywood elegance and grandiose architecture of movie theaters around the Los Angeles area. “Reflecting on the memories of the golden age of Hollywood, it gives the feeling that there is no such place like a movie theater to celebrate the birth of film from an artist,” Bohbot writes. Travel back in time, and visit these gorgeous old cinema houses.

Photo credit: Franck Bohbot

Photo credit: Franck Bohbot


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