10 Movie Sex Scenes That Will Scar You for Life

There are many factors involved in crafting a great cinematic sex scene. When the lovin’ becomes an expression of who the characters are and doesn’t rely on predictable titillation, the sex is great. However, a well-written scene doesn’t always portray tenderness and passion. Sometimes the best sex scenes are the ones that make us wince. Other times, filmmakers get it all wrong and, well, at least they give us something to talk about. When choosing the sex scenes that have scarred us for life, we weren’t necessarily going for the most disturbing (as in the case of Irréversible or A Serbian Film), but those scenes that seared themselves into our brain, often out of sheer WTFness. Here are ten we wish we could forget.


Oh, Showgirls. Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan, playing head sleaze bag of the Stardust Casino here) must have really needed a paycheck, because there is no other explanation for… this. The pool sex scene between MacLachlan and Elizabeth Berkley’s drifter showgirl is hilarious and horrifying. We suppose it’s arousing for those who enjoy epileptic dolphins and Cristal.