10 Women in Wikipedia: Meetup/Art And Feminism You Should Know

Wikipedia has changed the way we hunt for and gather our information, but it’s not a bible of knowledge. There are countless figures absent from the online records, especially when it comes to women, which is something that the Wikipedia: Meetup/Art And Feminism group continues to rectify. Participants add to Wikipedia’s database, with a focus on female artists and cultural figures. These Wikipedia Edit-a-thons are a crucial form of “feminist information activism.” A recent event found more than 90 new Wiki articles added and over 70 expanded and improved. Here are ten women whose works you should know about.


Marion Faller

Faller was a frequent collaborator with husband and experimental filmmaker Hollis Frampton (pictured, photographed by Faller). Most of her work focused on the everyday within communities, particularly New York, giving voice to the regular Jane/Joe.

My work is about how individuals and communities visually express their values, their interests, and their sense of what is important and beautiful. The subject matter is usually close to home—homes, yards, small businesses and community buildings such as schools or churches.