‘The Made-Up Words Project’ Chronicles Our Weird, Personal Vernacular

You likely use your own strange words among your family and friends, with etymologies referring back to your early development, inside jokes, and misunderstandings. For example, my mother still laughs about how I spent my formative years calling hot dogs “dot dogs.” Illustrator Rinee Shah (whose previous collection, Seinfood, we featured here) created The Made-Up Words Project, a series of drawings that take these private colloquialisms and share them with the broader community. Check out some of the illustrations after the jump, and see how many end up in your own vocabulary.

Image credit: Rinee Shah
Image credit: Rinee Shah

Chicken Milk

Definition: water

Source: “As a child I only wanted milk, so my dad gave me water but called it chicken milk.” — Ivan C., Marlboro, New York