25 Comedians of Color Everyone Should Know

Last week, we put together our list of female comedians everyone should have on their radar, prompted in part by Jerry Seinfeld’s implication that the reason he hasn’t had many women or people of color on his web series is because there just aren’t many funny women or non-white people out there. Between Seinfeld’s remarks and the recent dialogue about diversity on late-night shows and SNL, the time seemed right to round up 25 hilarious people who happen not to be white. Click through for our list, from Aziz Ansari to Reggie Watts. (NB: We’re assuming you’ve already heard of megastars like Chris Rock and Kevin Hart, so they’ve been omitted in favor of slightly less well-known comics.)


Aziz Ansari

One of the more recognizable names on this list, Ansari made his name as Parks and Recreation‘s Tom Haverford, the Ginuwine-loving serial entrepreneur with a penchant for treating himself. But Ansari’s stand-up career, with bits on everything from hanging out with Kanye to dick pics to the internet’s effect on dating, has also been steadily gaining steam. Just compare the audience sizes for Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening and Buried Alive as evidence. Also, one time a fictionalized version of him got pushed into a yawning chasm by Craig Robinson. (Remember This Is the End? That was a great movie.)