The 25 Best Time-Travel Movies Ever Made

Twenty-five years ago this week (yes, twenty-five, look it up) Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure made its theatrical debut, telling for all posterity the tale of two California slackers who use a phone booth/time machine to gather historical figures for a class project. It was but one variation on a favorite cinematic device: time travel. It’s been done in comedies and dramas, sci-fi and action movies, on budgets giant and miniscule, in spaceships and in DeLoreans. There are dozens of time travel flicks out there, but these are our favorites.


25. Safety Not Guaranteed

It might not technically count as a time-travel movie, since no one actually traverses through time in it (or do they?). But director Colin Trevorrow’s 2012 charmer certainly weighs the possibility — and asks what you would do if someone you came to trust said (no, insisted) that they’d figured out how to do it. Would you believe them? Would you follow them? And, given the chance, where (or, more accurately, when) would you go?