Devoted Designer Makes Posters for Each Episode of ‘Breaking Bad’

Perhaps, like me, you fear you’re forgetting the intricacies of Breaking Bad in the wake of replacements like True Detective and Girls (as young Horvath’s moral degeneration is starting to seem inspired by Walter White’s). Like any deceased television show, the twisty plot lines that once monopolized the less twisty plot lines of my own non-meth-cooking life are fading into one scintillating, distant lump of desert, drugs, blood, and chicken. Luckily, Hungarian designer “Zsutti” (Zsolt Molnár) has created a poster for all 62 episodes; clicking through the slideshow on Uproxx creates a sensation akin to flipping through a family photo album, awakening dormant memories I’d taken for lost. (Ah, how I’ve missed Uncle Gus’ stoic intimidation and that adorable half-face of his; I’d been meaning to catch up with Cousin Severed Head Atop Tortoise, but we’ve been playing endless phone tag.) Here are some highlights from the poster series:


Season 2, Episode 6: “Peekaboo”

In the horrifyingly titled “Peekaboo,” Jesse finds himself in the hellish household of a family who ripped off Skinny Pete; while Jesse is held hostage, he plays the titular game with their neglected child, while the meth-head matriarch kills his father by dropping an ATM on his head. This poster not only perfectly sums up the episode, but simply depicts the show’s continuous insinuation that human life is the price of greed.