A Complete History of Meryl Streep at the Oscars

Meryl Streep is the ultimate un-hateable celebrity. She’s 64 years old, she has remained a steady presence in Hollywood for over four decades. She’s a national treasure. She can make oatmeal sound sexy, and she is thanked more often than God in acceptance speeches. The world is her fan club. That aside, she’s also a superb actress, with the distinguished honor of being awarded the most Oscars nominations of any thespian, with a whopping 18 nominations and three wins under her belt. (To put it another way, the longest time she’s gone without an Oscar nomination since her first is four years.) This is a journey through her illustrious Oscar history.

the deer hunter

1979 — Nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, The Deer Hunter

Meryl’s first Oscar nomination comes with its own tearjerker story. Her boyfriend John Cazale, who also starred in the film, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer after being cast. Although she initially wasn’t too interested in the part of Linda, she was grateful that it gave her more time to spend more time with Cazale, who passed away nine months before the film was released.