Wes Anderson’s Movies Crisply Summarized in Stylish Charts

Part of Wes Anderson’s appeal is undoubtedly his distinct aesthetic, making his films stick with you in their meticulously crafted tweeness, even as minor plot details fade away. For those who are in danger of forgetting the basics, graphic artist Ben Biondo has summarized Anderson’s films in snappy, graphical form (for a series we spotted on Trendland), complete with a summary, filming locations, budget, and the opening-weekend box office. The charts don’t cover all his films — Moonrise Kingdom is missing from the list — but they’re a good primer on most of the work Anderson’s undertaken since 1996. With its clean layout and sans-serif font, Biondo’s interpretation mainly follows the filmmaker’s aesthetic, although each graphic also features a main character from the film illustrated in a fragmented style totally distinct from Anderson’s imagination.

Image credit: Ben Biondo