Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in March

At risk of getting all post-Oscar hyperbolic, I have a bit of good news: this is one of the best months for independent movies in a long, long time. Of the 11 films I had the chance to check out in preparation for this month’s indie guide, every single one is at least worth your time, and several are a good deal better than that; they offer a wide range of experiences, from familial comedy to baroque suspense to penetrating documentary to, well, Wes Anderson. (He’s kind of his own experience.) Our many, many recommendations for March movie-going are after the jump.

Awful Nice
Release Date: March 7
Director: Todd Sklar
Cast: James Pumphrey, Alex Rennie, Christopher Meloni

Two adult brothers with a (to put it mildly) strained relationship are thrown back together after their father’s death in this wry and satisfying comedy from co-writer/director Todd Sklar. James Pumphrey and Alex Rennie are blessed with terrific chemistry and sharp comic timing, and Sklar’s sense of storytelling is likably weird. The supporting roles are mostly played way too broadly (Chris Meloni seems to think he’s still in Wet Hot American Summer), and the lightweight Odd Couple vibe can’t quite sustain the pat, serious turn towards the end. But when it zeroes in on its central characters, there are laughs (and a little bit of pain) to spare.