‘The Partisan Review’ and 8 Other Great Online Magazine Archives

Even though it shut down in 2003, The Partisan Review was the sort of publication whose articles and fiction deserve to be appreciated by future generations. Now, thanks to some heroic archivists, the magazine’s entire output from 1934 to its demise has been digitized, offering readers a chance to explore one of the most important intellectual institutions of the last century. Like The Partisan Review, some other great publications that have steered our cultural conversations about the arts, politics, and fiction, have also worked hard to get their back issues posted on the internet. Here are a few excellent examples to bookmark.


The Poetry Foundation

Want to read poems, articles, and reviews by everyone from Ezra Pound to Amiri Baraka, Sylvia Plath, Hart Crane, Slavoj Žižek, Adrienne Rich, and just about every other big literary name from the last 102 years? The online archive of Poetry magazine should keep you covered.